Our History

In 1952 the two charities below were amalgamated to form “The Newbury and District Dispensary and Nursing Association Trust“.

The Newbury and District Nursing Benefit Association

This old foundation was connected to St Nicholas’ Church. It originally employed two nurses (later three) – the Misses Hawtin and Miss Duncan, who visited sick people on their bicycles. The service was paid for by a subscription of a few pence. The Association’s funds largely came from the sale of property, including 112 Andover Road, held in the name of “the official trustees of charitable funds”.​

The Newbury Dispensary and Provident Medical Club

This was based in West Street, where its members could attend and see Dr Heywood. Medicines were dispensed, for which a few pence were paid. This club had been founded in 1835.

The area of benefit for the new organisation was then the Parishes of Greenham, Enborne, Hamstead Marshall, Shaw-cum-Donnington, Speen and Thatcham Town.

At the time of merging in 1952, Trustees of the charity were Albert Moreton and Walter Midwinter.

In 1988 the “Newbury and District Dispensary and Nursing Association Trust” became known as “Newbury and Thatcham Welfare Trust”.

In July 2015 the Trust extended its area of benefit to include all of West Berkshire.

For further details regarding the charity and its latest accounts, please visit the charity commission website.​