Case Studies

Examples of just some of the people we have been able to help

Joe        Keen Wheelchair Basketball player, Joe was delighted when we agreed to provide funding towards the cost of a new specialist lightweight day-to-day wheelchair.

Joe, who has Cerebal Palsy, stated shortly after receiving the new chair  ” Now I can enjoy more every day activities without struggling. Thank you again to everyone who shared and donated towards it and for Thatcham Nursing Society and Newbury and Thatcham Welfare Trust by supporting me by offering me grants, without your help I wouldn’t have the light weight wheelchair and it will really give me more opportunities that I didn’t have before!”

Family G       A Single Parent family with four children under the age of 5, including 6 month old twins born prematurely with ongoing medical problems.  The cost of a buggy attachment was supported to enable the family to get out and about more.


Family J        A low income family with 4 children and one working parent. The mother had been suffering depression and social isolation.  The family had recently been rehoused which had stretched their limited budget further.  The cost of a mattress was supported.


Mr H               Suffered Motor Neurone Disease and was about to embark on what was likely to be the last trip to Scotland to visit his family.  The cost of an air mattress to make his flight more comfortable was supported.


Simon            A profoundly disabled boy being supported by West Berkshire Council’s Disabled Children’s Team and in need of a new changing bench.  We were able to make a contribution of £400 towards the overall cost of the bench.


Mr A               Unable to work due to depression and anxiety.  We were able to support the cost of new cooking utensils to enable Mr A to aid his recovery by cooking healthy food for himself.


Sophie           Has a learning disability and downs syndrome.  We made a contribution to the cost of an adult swing, which would provide her with increased independence and a vital means of exercise


Miss E           Has Cerebral Palsy and major difficulties with mobility.  It had been arranged for her Housing Association to fit a new accessible kitchen, but for the duration of the work it would be preferable for her to travel to Southampton for respite.  The transport costs were supported.


Family A        Had a young daughter with Cockaynes Syndrome, during her final years we were able to support the family twice before she died – once to support the cost of transport to enable them to get to a caravan that had been loaned to them for a family holiday.  The second time to pay for the cost of new bed clothing for her final hospital stay.